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Tyler Baer

— Certified Integral Coach —

Coaching is a pathway to change. In an era of disruption, technology connects us to a 24/7 work culture where things move fast. It demands a level of perfectionism that’s depleting and blurs the line between aspects of life, leaving us feeling lost and lacking a greater sense of purpose. Collectively, we know a change is needed yet we don’t know how or what - we’re stuck! Coaching helps define boundaries, prioritize well-being, and creates an adventure of interactive self-discovery.

Tyler Baer Coaching helps leaders gain clarity and identify underutilized strengths to address blindspots. The approach is holistic. It’s a deep dive into the habits of the mind, heart, and body to uncover what drives your decision-making, behavioral base code, and the underlying principle belief systems getting in the way of your success. Whether you’re managing a transition, re-entering the workforce, burning out, or just feel stuck, coaching delivers personalized programs to spark awareness and create opportunities for you to level-up and meet your potential. 

— Me —

Through 8+ years leading and training operational teams in agriculture, supply chain logistics, startups, and government programs, I’ve come to realize all leaders make decisions driven by inner dynamics - with their power to project shadow and light - to shape the culture in which others must live and work. This means change is the key to creating an ethos that is empowering rather than imprisoning and personal development is its doorway. This is my work.

I am passionate about the journey of self-discovery and witnessing personal transformation. I am fiercely insightful at seeing what’s going on beneath the surface and supporting my clients in uncovering “aha moments” that help them know and embody their authentic strengths.